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It’s time for a representative from CD-2 who is familiar with the culture, economy, and lifestyle of Northern Colorado. Raised in a family with Colorado roots, a graduate of high school in Colorado, along with earning his B.A. from Colorado State University, Nic knows Northern Colorado. After moving to Fort Collins in 2007, Nic fell in love with his university and the city he lived in. After graduating, he pursued a career in business before earning his MBA and getting involved in politics in 2015. Originally volunteering with the Larimer County Republican Party as an advisor to the board, he quickly rose to Assistant Treasurer, Director of Relationship Management & Strategy, and eventually Treasurer. Once he determined he wanted to run for office, he left the board to focus on the campaign full time.

His promise to CD-2 is simple:

  • he will reduce taxes
  • he will allow freedom of personal choice in health care
  • he will allow personal freedom of religious practice
  • he will recognize the separation of church & state
  • he will raise the standard of health care for women
  • develop a student loan repayment plan that is not a financial hardship
  • he will support the 2nd Amendment
  • he will vote against Syrian refugees in Colorado

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